Where can I get help?

Feel free to give us a call on 01872 560055 with any questions.

You are likely to have a question or two that you need answered, the best policy is to ask us and we can provide you with our storage experience.

Getting the measurements right:

To find the square feet value you multiply the dimensions of the floor area ( length x width )

10ft x 5ft = 50sqft

If you prefer to use cubic feet you multiply 50sqft by our minimum room height ( 8ft )

10ft x 5ft x 8ft = 400cuft

Minimum storage room height is 8 feet

What if I get the measurements wrong?

No problem! let us worry about getting you into a self-storage room that fits. We are very flexible in allowing our customers to switch and mix & match their storage rooms.

Size comparisons:

Large storage rooms available

Artic lorry
approx 140-200 square foot capacity
4 bed house

Medium sized storage rooms available

7.5 tonne truck
approx 75-140 square foot capacity
3 bed house or large flat

Small storage rooms available

Transit Van
approx 35-50 square foot capacity
1 bed house or small flat

Packaging and storage tips:

Packing is said to be an art and although true we all can learn from a few simple tips.

The use of good quality, sturdy boxes help greatly and improve your storage space requirement, remember to fill boxes to capacity this will help prevent the box from collapsing and the use of packing materials such as paper and bubble wrap will help to protect items and fill gaps.

Boxes of the same or similar size can be stacked and stored much more efficiently.

Marking and labeling of boxes will help easy reference and when un-packaging them. Label them on more than one side - you won't regret it.

Glassware and china should be wrapped individually and if possible stored on end in the boxes and not flat.

Mark any boxes containing breakable items as "Fragile".

Pictures and mirrors are better placed in bubble wrap and stored on their end.

Store the largest items first towards the back of the room, place the heaviest boxes at the bottom if stacking them and try to leave a path through the middle of the room. Any items that you might need access to should be stored as near to the door as possible.

Refrigerators and freezers must be drained and free of water or ice, wiping the inside with bi-carbonate of soda and storing with doors open helps keep them free of smell. Washing machines should also be drained and any cables/pipes secured.

Do NOT store wet or damp items as they will almost certainly cause water damage, mould and mildew.

Placing chairs seat to seat will not only save space but also protect them and then the area between the legs can be used to store smaller items.

Furniture should be treated before storing ie: wood should be sprayed with a suitable solution and leather should be treated with a leather protector. Any treatments should have been allowed to dry prior to placing into storage.

Removing any extreme projection such as the legs of a table will help transportation of the table and them placing in a furniture wrap and placing on end will help on storage space. However it is often not possible to remove the legs with ease, should this be the case use the table, store fragile items under and place heavier items on top of the table, this will double this storage area and project the fragile items. Remember to cover the table surface with a furniture dust sheet.

Use the drawers of furniture to also storage smaller fragile items , pack the drawers first and remember to remove the drawers or secure them shut before transporting them.

Fuel tanks on lawnmowers, strimmers etc must be emptied prior to storing.

Self store cornwall.

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